Hard Blow

Short and steamy reads...

He’s hot, cocky, and a professional football player.

I’m a physical therapist ordered to help him recoup after a hard blow.

I should stay away from him, because he’s a player. But I’m willing to take one for the team.

He’s hot, cocky, and good with his mouth.

Now I find myself wanting to give him a hard blow.

Matter of Inches

Short and steamy reads...

I'm the team doctor and my idea of a matter of inches is the difference between being on the injured list or breaking your neck.

He's a player, on and off the field. He has a different idea of what a Matter of Inches means and he wants to show me.

No way am I letting him hit a home run with me. Wait, goal, or is it a basket, crap. Oh, yeah, it's a touchdown.

Sack Master

Short and steamy reads...

I’m the team spokesperson and I’m having a rough day until six and a half feet of man-candy walks into my office.

He’s the middle linebacker, and is known as the Sack Master. A claim that causes dirty fantasies.

His crystal blue eyes are spellbinding. His powerful body awakens.

But years separate us.

Is it worth a chance to discover if he is as good off the field, as on it?

Man Muscle

Short and steamy reads...

I’m Mindy, and I have a problem to solve—you would think that it’s the fact our gym needs new equipment, but no.

My problem had to do with Henry, every single-solid-tanned-muscle of him.

He’s the Orlando Suns strength coach, and based on his body, he led by example.

I tried to ignore his solid six-pack and his bulging biceps but what about his...man muscle.

Will I be able to ignore that?

Going Deep

Short and steamy reads...

The playoffs approach, and I’ll be reporting on the big game.

My boss thinks the playboy quarterback is dirty and wants me to get close to him.

That suits me fine, with the man’s olive skin and steamy dark eyes, he can go deep with me anytime.

But when secrets are exposed, we each watch our worlds collapse.

Is it possible for us to build again?